Barangay Road, Purok Bariles
Upper Pasil, SANTANDER, CEBU 6026

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+27 (0)31 463 1681
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The Eagle’s Rest Amenities

“When warm South African hospitality is combined with the loving and caring Filipino culture, it allows one to truly arrive as a guest and leave as family.”


The Eagle’s Rest Swimming Pool is 8×12 meters in size and 190cm deep.
It is a freshwater pool and the water is purified with 90% chlorine.
It is manually vacuumed daily and water quality is tested fortnightly.
A list of pool rules is available and strictly adhered to.
We do not allow unaccompanied minors near the pool.
No glasses, bowls etc. are allowed near the pool.
No foreign objects are allowed to be thrown in the pool.
Under no circumstances are you allowed to urinate in the water.
No jumping and wasting water. In the Philippines water is scarce!
Please use the shower before you go into the water and when exiting.
There is a public comfort room behind the bar. Please USE IT!

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The Eagle's Rest Guest House new logo with yellow writing

The Eagle’s Rest Guest House welcomes you.

Following the Main Highway from Cebu to Santander towards route marker 137 close to the Lower Pasil Chapel, is where you will find a narrow winding road up the mountain towards Barangay Liptong and that is where you will find our little guesthouse “The Eagle’s Rest” on the left hand side of the road. If you get lost, you can simply ask anyone along that road where Charles and Marilyn Robbie live and they will be happy to show you.
It was in 2012 that we started our little project from nothing and we would love to share not only our journey, but also the hospitality that South Africans are well known for. This guesthouse is a division of Cruising South Africa (Pty) Ltd a South African company owned by Lady Marilyn Bulgado Robbie. 

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